Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3 - Miss Moo

Miss Moo, 7"x5", watercolor on 140# paper
Miss Moo is the cat of a friend of mine - fostered as a kitten, and then kept.  She is one of the 'guard cats' that watch over the family while they sleep.  Hurray for foster failures!
Most watercolor artists will tell you that black and white are the hardest to paint 'by the rules' which are - no pure black paint - you have to get it by mixing other colors, and no white paint - the whites have to be the white of the paper.  I follow the no black paint rule most of the time, but the white rule is much harder.  I decided a while back that it isn't worth my time to stress on that one - now I use white gouache or casein when I need to.  That gives me much more flexibility when I am doing a quick painting like this one.  I don't think Miss Moo minds at all!

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