Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This guy was one of the earlier paint ponies I did  (in August), and I was very pleased with the way the color values described the form.  I did use some lifting to get some whites, but I also used some white gouache to add highlights.  I have decided that using the opaque paint with watercolor is very liberating, and allows me to paint more spontaneously.  What's good enough for Sargent is OK with me! 
I named this fella Kermit for obvious reasons, and though I like him, I know it's not easy being green!

Paint Pony 8
8" x10"
Watercolor on 140# Fabriano paper

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ol' Blue

I painted this fellow as part of the Small Pony series.  Like many of my ponies,  I started with a quinacridone gold background.  Unlike many of them, I left the pony area  white and filled in with color.  This time I used a very pale blue for the blaze, rather than the yellow that usually ends up there.  I think it gives him a more serious look, but I lightened his mood with a few dashes of yellow in his mane, face, and neck, then brightened him up even more with a bold dash of red on his neck.  Even with all the color, he's actually one of my more subdued Paint Ponies!

Paint Pony #34
7" x 5"
Watercolor on 140# paper

Monday, November 28, 2011

Squeak complete and another pony

The Open acrylics were dry this evening, so I was able to add some finishing touches and put in the background.  I really liked the pink (quinacridone magenta), but I felt it took too much away from the cat, so we thought green might bring out her eyes.  I may still add a few touches but she's pretty much done now.
Acrylic on canvas board

This paint pony was completed a couple of weeks ago.  At 14" x 11" it is one of my larger paintings.
Paint Pony 30
Watercolor on Paper 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

And now for something completely different...

I'm inspired by Kim Santini's work, so I thought I'd try a pet portrait with a brilliant underpainting.  I also wanted to try the Golden Open Acrylics I purchased a while back.  I put in this beautiful magenta underpainting to contrast with the black of the cat.
The good news is, the Open Acrylics do stay wet a long time.  The bad news is, when I went back two hours later to try to add some highlights and more color to the eye, the first layer of paint lifted right up, leaving a very white hole.  Not good.  I went back over it with more paint, but I can still tell it's there.
I'll let it dry over night and see if I can fix it.  I'd also intended to mute the background, but I sort of like the bright color.  I'll think about it tomorrow...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Neon Pink!

This guy was initially painted as a larger 11"x14," complete with an abundantly colorful mane, but the long neck was a little distracting from his vibrantly colored face.  So I did a Facebook poll comparing the full size with the 10"x8" cropped version, and the cropped face view got the most votes, so here he is!
Paint Pony 36
10" x 8"
Watercolor on Paper

Friday, November 25, 2011

Juicy Lucy! (Loose-y!)

This is my first painting in the Small Pony Series.  Following my first outdoor art fair in late October, I took a short break from painting.  I found an 11"x15" sheet I had divided into quarters, so I decided to return to painting by doing a series of small works.  This first one was a very loose style that I love!

The day after I finished this, a woman who had seen my work at the art fair called to commission a painting as a Christmas present!

Paint Pony 29
Watercolor on 140# paper

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Even so, I am Thankful!

My most recent painting was a real trial. I wanted the colors to pop, so I'd planned on it having an orange face with a darker blue neck. The orange was just too much, so I started glazing with other colors, red, more yellow, and finally some blues and purples, and I got... a brown horse. Since there are no brown horses in my pasture, I had to pump up the color in the neck area, thus the pops of red and green. And of course the signature multicolor mane!
Paint Pony 35
Watercolor on 140# Fabriano paper