Sunday, January 29, 2012

Play, NOW!

A quick painting of a pup I've been meaning to do for a while!
I like how the turquoise-y purples play against the oranges of the pup's fur!  That white, though, was tough!

Melinda's Pup
Acrylic on stretched canvas

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meesey, Siamese-y

I mentioned in my last post that I had never 'rescued' a cat.  Until now.  The calico that I painted was from the photo of a cat while she was in Animal Control in Gaston County, NC.  Those nice ladies I mentioned  have now rescued her, and transported her from NC to south Alabama, where I live.  But I have barely seen her, as she is currently hiding behind the freezer.
The lady that transported her has several Siamese cats of her own.  I found an appealing photo from her collection and cropped it to paint.  When she saw it, she said she was in tears, as it was her favorite kitty.  I was able to give it to her when she delivered my new kitty today after driving over six hours to get her here!

Meesey, If you please...
Acrylic on canvas panel

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Calico Kitty

This never happens to me.  But it did today.  I could not say no to this face.  I had to paint her.  And... I had to have her.  I am Facebook friends with some tenderhearted folk who work hard trying to get homes for shelter animals.  This kitty was in a shelter in NC, which is about 9 hours away from where I live in south Alabama.  When I saw this beautiful face, I couldn't believe someone had given up this beautiful cat, who is supposedly very sweet in the pound.  I said yes, if you can get her to me, I will take her. 
Now I just have to break it to my husband...

Calico Kitty
Acrylic on Canvas Board

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mable in Mauve

Mable posed for me one day not long ago in her second favorite sunspot, and I was able to get several photos.  She looks so tranquil here, just about to close her eyes. 

I was working with a range of brownish mauves in this painting, using mostly the cad red left on my palette from the previous day's Tangerine Tango challenge painting, and ultramarine and prussian blues, mixed with unbleached titanium.  I especially like the more intense pinky-mauve around her nose, and the one brilliant highlight in the lower part of her right eye.

Mable in Mauve
Acrylic on canvas panel

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tangerine Tango Challenge 2!

This was the second painting I did for this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge.  When I uploaded the first, Zuka Tango!, the color of Zuka just didn't appear the same intensity as the sample color.  So for the background on this one, I used mostly Cadmium Red with just a touch of Unbleached Titanium to tone it down.  It comes a little closer to the Tangerine Tango color chip. 
The reference photo is a gray and white kitten, which I interpreted with Cobalt Turquoise and various blues and lavenders.  I'm pretty happy with this one, and I think Parker's grandmother is too!

Parker on Tango
6" x 6"
Acrylic on canvas panel

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Zuka Tango!

I decided to paint Zuka for his alert expression and because he was a vivid orange color.  I used Australian Sienna, Cad Red, Cad Yellow Light and Transparent Red Oxide to get the range of oranges I needed. 
He was a challenge in more ways than one - the angle of his head proved to be harder than I thought it would be - but I am pleased with the results!  I especially love the intensity of the colors, and his expression!

Acrylic on stretched canvas

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prancer 2

This girl was painted from the same reference photo I used yesterday, just a little closer in.  She is certainly very vibrant!  I am warming back up to the ponies with small paintings, but I'm about ready to get a little larger!
Paint Pony 41
7" x 5"
Watercolor on 140# paper

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to the Ponies!

Perhaps I am an addict, but I feel most liberated when I'm painting the ponies just for me!  This one was from a sketch I did for one of the Christmas commissions, I just never did a practice painting for the commission on it.  So I decided that I would give it some happy colors in a pretty loose style.  I like her, even though she's small, at just 5"x7"!  I'm still trying to meet my goal of 100 ponies in a year, so I'll take it, even if it's small. 
Paint Pony 40
Watercolor on 140# paper

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sandy Mater

My sister's dog, and my dog's best friend.  Such a sweet girl (the dog, but the sister's not bad either)!

14" x 11"
Acrylic on Canvas