Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 2 - Shop Dog

Shop Dog, 7"x5", Watercolor on Paper
This is 'Shop Dog' who was an inmate over a year ago in NC.  I was taken by his perky ears, so I read his story.  Apparently he had been living in a store, but when the owner had to close the store, he left the dog behind.  Another shopkeeper in the retail place noticed him, fed him, and then called animal control so the dog could be properly taken care of.  But the shopkeeper kept an eye out for him on the  AC Facebook page, and when his time was up, the shopkeeper adopted 'Shop Dog'!  So happy ending!
I'm afraid his face is a little more squished in this 7"x5" format - he has a big square head, and for this view, I probably should have used a square paper.  But I love this guy's look, and I'll probably do him again!

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