Monday, January 19, 2015

My Turn

So many folks around me have been sick lately that some school systems are closing to try to stem the epidemic.  Our college started back last week and, you guessed it, the illness finally found me.  I'm hoping it's just a cold, but I felt pretty miserable today and was glad it was a holiday, although I had planned to do so much today, starting with four or five paintings.  Well, I did get laundry done, and I rearranged and re-organized my tiny studio room, but the only brushes I picked up today were to move around from one place to another as I took down my four-legged plein-aire easel that takes up too much space, which I replaced it with a table and table-easel.  A bit more organizing, and I'll be ready to paint again.  And perhaps post a photo tomorrow rather than excuses. 

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