Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Miss Maddie Lou, Rescue Kitty

Maddie Lou, 8"x10 ", acrylic on canvas panel
Miss Maddie Lou came to us last fall, and was supposed to be transferred to a rescue, for which I had pulled her from the shelter.  She wheedled her way into my heart in about 2.5 seconds and I found that I couldn't send her on, even after determining that she was, indeed, pregnant.  Two weeks later she presented us with a beautiful litter of five kittens, most of which I was able to place into great homes.  But, we still have Maddie and two of her kittens!  She was a wonderful mother, but could not wait to get back to cattin' around, so we quickly had her spayed and she comes and goes as she pleases.  She is happy to have a home that feeds her so well!

I did this painting after I got home from class last night, while the hubs watched a soccer game on TV.  Managed to get this one down in about an hour and a half!


  1. Such a lovely story. Both of our kitties were rescue kitties...we only have one now and I miss our Callie everyday. Maddie Lou is indeed lucky to have a home that feeds her so well!

  2. For most of our adult lives, we have been a one-dog, one-cat family. Then someone dumped four kittens in my neighborhood and my cat had just been diagnosed with kidney disease, which meant he needed a special diet, and I needed to get rid of cat chow! So those four thought we were pretty cool! One disappeared after a month, and when my old cat died the other three started coming inside. We now have six cats, and two dogs. The house just needed to be filled when the kids left!

  3. Love this painting! And don't you love it when a painting just comes together so quickly?
    It's like they were just meant to be.
    I'll be following you during this challenge-
    Good luck with the kitties!

    Margaret Sheldon

    1. I am trying to challenge myself to do some of these paintings without sketching them first. When I saw this 'pose,' I knew it had to happen right then! I'm glad you like it, Margaret!