Sunday, February 5, 2012

White on White Challenge

Had to try the DPW Challenge this week because it was a white challenge.  I love to paint white things - flowers, dogs, and now a cat.  Found this image on Morgue File, and did the painting on a canvas board that had been toned a mid-blue, then went back and added the light color over the blue.  I really tried to use lots of different colors in my whites, but after the first pass, it looked splotchy.  I just put some more light whites on the kitty, and that's where I am now.
We've had a tough week.  Lost a friend and former student who was only 25 years old to a rare form of cancer.  Painting helped me take my mind off of it for a minute.  And as white symbolizes hope, this one's for you, BobbiJo.

Acrylic on Canvas Panel

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