Sunday, November 27, 2011

And now for something completely different...

I'm inspired by Kim Santini's work, so I thought I'd try a pet portrait with a brilliant underpainting.  I also wanted to try the Golden Open Acrylics I purchased a while back.  I put in this beautiful magenta underpainting to contrast with the black of the cat.
The good news is, the Open Acrylics do stay wet a long time.  The bad news is, when I went back two hours later to try to add some highlights and more color to the eye, the first layer of paint lifted right up, leaving a very white hole.  Not good.  I went back over it with more paint, but I can still tell it's there.
I'll let it dry over night and see if I can fix it.  I'd also intended to mute the background, but I sort of like the bright color.  I'll think about it tomorrow...

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