Sunday, August 7, 2011

An Hour To Paint - Hour 1

I am not a professional artist. Yet. But I consider myself in the transitional phase. I have a full-time job teaching biology at the community college, and I frequently find myself just too darn tired to think about painting.
This summer, I didn't teach for the first time in ten years. But tomorrow, I must go back to my day job. So I decided to commit to finding an hour each day to fit in some painting, so I won't stray too far from my goal of transitioning to full-time artist status. Someday.
The first thing that I decided would help me toward this goal is to get a little more organized. I have cleaned out the art room and located all my painting gear. I have been painting fairly regularly for the past week or two to help me train myself to paint regularly. This weekend, I undertook two tasks to help with both: I organized my freezer, and did some meal planning for the next week, and I prepared some art materials to help me start painting quicker.
My freezer was a disaster, I had much more than I thought (including three packages of frozen tilapia). Now it is more organized and inventoried. Perhaps that will cut down on the time it takes me to decide what to cook for dinner. Every little bit helps!
The art materials were also a disaster. I have sketchbooks and notebooks and palettes (at least six full size and as many travel size, and a few in-between!). What I decided was to cut up some good paper to common sizes - 8x10 inches, 5x7 inches, and card size, so I can take these with me if the only time to paint is while I am away.
I hope to post one painting each day to help me work toward this goal. The paintings may not be complete, but I hope to spend at least an hour each day.
By this time next year, I hope to be 356 hours closer to my goal!

Today's painting: The second "Paint Pony" I have done following watching a video on Art Academy Live by Peter X O'Brien. The first thing I remember drawing was horses. So I thought I'd post one for my first blog!

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